My Bully in Puppy Kindergarten


Back when my dog was in puppy kindergarten, there was an overly-vocal labradoodle puppy enrolled in class which simply wouldn't stop barking.
His excessive barking never let up throughout the entire hour we were attending class.
This was a dog who wouldn't shut up!
And “Paxil's” bark was contagious.
He was proving a distraction for all the other puppies in class, too.
His big, strong bark set all the other dogs off, and over the course of the next few classes (throughout the entire duration of each headache-inducing hour), the other puppies wound up barking non-stop in response.
(It was, by far, the noisiest and most rowdy training class I've ever attended).
All that noise made it difficult to hear the instructor teach her classes. It was absolute ear-splitting cacophony with 15 puppies barking non-stop.
Many of the human participants dropped out in the beginning weeks. I don't blame them. I was tempted to do much the same.
After three full classes of having to shout over the din from all those furry little students, the instructor finally recommended an anti-bark collar which works to stop excessive barking by releasing a harmless burst of citronella spray directly into the dog's snout whenever the dog barked.
She demonstrated it to the class by buckling one around Paxil's neck. Almost immediately, Paxil was rewarded with a surprising burst of bitter citronella directly into his schnoz.
We all laughed at the shocked expression on his face.
The collar had a microphone in front which was able to pick up the dog’s voice. Whenever Paxil barked, he got sprayed.
It was very effective in ending Paxil's bark-fest. It was amazing to watch that puppy quiet down after having been squirted only three of four times!
However, my smart puppy figured out very quickly how the collar worked. He was intrigued and thought it was a neat gadget.
Several times he went straight up to Paxil (who was now a very quiet, well-behaved gentleman) and barked directly into the spray-collar, as poor little Paxil got the full-brunt of the citronella spray bursting directly into his sweet little face.
The instructor worked on the “SIT” and “STAY” commands with my dog over the next several classes, as that spray collar was so much fun to set off that my puppy was quickly in training to become a prankster and a bully.

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